Sound Bath Healing & Meditation


IRENE SPORTEL & THE CITY STREET SPA offer a healing journey into sound and silence. Last Wednesday and Thursday of every month at 19:00.



One Session €45

One Session €200 for 2 and €45 per person after

Last Wednesday and Thursday of every month at 19:00

Per Session €90

09:00-12:30 every Monday and Thursday


by Irene Sportel

Welcome to a healing journey into sound and silence! During this Sound Bath you lay down comfortably, cover yourself with a blanket and close your eyes. As you let go of your day, you are slowly surrounded by sounds of ancient and modern instruments. The vibrations of ancient Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, voice, guitar, handpan and other little instruments guide you into a state of deep relaxation, where healing can take place.


For thousands of years all over the world people have used sound therapy to help people return to their natural state of peace and balance.

It can help you to relax and heal physical, emotional and mental imbalances, as the sounds of the instruments have a revitalising effect on your body and mind. A concert like this can have many benefits, like:


–       stimulation of the immune system

–       decrease of stress levels

–       deep relaxation

–       enhancing concentration

–       enhancing creativity

–       relief from insomnia

–       balancing the brain hemispheres

–       relief of muscular pains and headaches


There is no need to believe that it works, just come to experience this for yourself!


A healing session can help you to heal any imbalance you experience in your life. The session starts with a short conversation in which Irene asks you to share what it is you would like to heal in your body, emotions or mind, or anything in general. Irene will help you to heal the cause of the imbalance through energetic healing. She uses energy therapies like Rigpa Energetic Healing (originally from Tibet), Reiki Usui (Japan) and Dharma Shamanic System (Tibet/Australia), all taught to her by Jose Antonio Manchado. During the healing you either sit or lay down on a massage table, covered with a blanket. You might experience some physical sensations, an emotional release or you may feel relaxed and fall asleep. Know that anything you experience during the session is part of the healing and completely natural. After the session Irene will share with you tools for self-healing which you can use in your daily life. How many sessions you need depends on what it is you wish to heal. One session can be enough, and sometimes it is beneficial to have a few sessions in order to fully support your healing process.

About Irene Sportel

Irene is an energetic therapist, yoga teacher, musician and former medical doctor. When she bumped into the boundaries of Western medicine while working as a doctor for 5 years, she decided to follow her heart. Since 6 years she is passionate about helping herself and others to heal from the heart, through different ways of energetic healing and simple conscious tools and practices, all coming from Tibetan masters. With enthusiasm and a smile in her heart Irene gives energetic healing sessions. She teaches Yin Yoga in Amsterdam at Delight Yoga, gives Sound Healing concerts and meditation workshops and last year Irene released her first EP called ‘Sound of Life’. For more information about her work, visit www.irenesportel.com.



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