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CACI treatment

Your skin is specific to you, like your thumbprint, no two skins are the same and therefore it needs the right combination of treatments to get the best results. CACI ULTIMATE offers variety and flexibility, unique technologies and non-invasive alternatives to dermal fillers.Typically used for lines, blemishes, acne, anti-ageing and sun damage, the award winning CACI ULTIMATE as its name suggests is the ultimate personalised combination of treatments that your therapist can tailor to your specific concerns, skin needs and requirements.
It is recommended for the best results to take a course of 10 CACI Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial in a short period of time. We then recommend a booster facial once every 4-6 weeks.

CACI Hydratone Express Facial
30 Minutes €55
Course of 10 €432

Delivers instant hydration to the face and neck in the shortest possible time. A great lunchtime facial, ideal for those with busy lives. Also recommended as a treatment before and immediately after Intense Pulsed Light treatments. Incorporating specialised micro-current rollers and a rejuvenating gel mask infused with rose water, hylauronic acid and collagen, this cooling treatment refreshes with intense hydration to calm and balance the skin.

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift
60 Minutes €105
Course of 10 €855

A relaxing, results driven treatment using micro-current therapy which works in harmony with the body’s own bio-electrical field. CACI recharges the electrical energy potential within the muscle and improves skin tissue by triggering micro-current repair activity within the skin cells. CACI gently helps tighten and tone sagging muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The dual tipped probes and specialised serum increase the effect on the muscle producing immediate dramatic results.

Super CACI Non Surgical Face Lift
75 Minutes €130
Course of 10 €1080

A more intensive version of the CACI lifting treatment with greater emphasis on the delicate eye area to lift, firm and smooth out fine lines.

CACI Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial – Including Eye Area

30 Minutes €48
90 Minutes €155
Course of 10 €1278

The Rolls-Royce of anti-ageing treatments incorporating Orbital Microdermabrasion with LED light therapy and CACI Microcurrent in an 8 phase facial to help you peel back the years.

Perricone Facial Treatments

Wake Up Call
75 min €105

Hypoallergenic products have a calming effect and give your skin a wake up call. The neuropeptides stop inflammation in cells and restore the natural resistance. A cleansing, relaxing facial massage with Cold Plasma and Peptides complex then cool down with lymphatic drainage. Includes epilation.

Cold Plasma
(Face, Neck And Décolleté)

90 min €140

This treatment works on the most visible signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness, dryness and loss of firmness and radiance. This firming and structure improving treatment includes cleansing, deep tissue massage with Cold Plasma and then classical massage of face, neck and shoulders. Extra attention for neck and jawline with Cold Plasma Sub D. Includes epilation.

Deep Wrinkle

105 min €165

Immediate and visible results through the use of patented Neuropeptide-line Dr. Perricone. This treatment works deeper into the skin and works on skin damage, ageing and volume loss of the supporting skin layers. This is addressed with a deep tissue massage with Acyl-Glutathione and Deep Wrinkle Serum. Followed by a classic massage with the Neuropeptide Facial Conformer. Cooling down with Cold Laser stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Cold Plasma Sub D works on Firming the neck. Includes epilation.

Deep Tissue
30 min €45
Course of 5 times 30 min € 180

Diamond Experience life infusion
90 min €170

“The art of rejuvenation” An innovative treatment that infuses life into your skin in order to preserve youth and beauty.This revolutionary experience provides unprecedented rejuvenating action by regulating the 4 key skin-age biomarkers. This intensive, comprehensive treatment results in firmer, more luminous and visibly younger looking skin. Redefines your facial contour, improves skin texture and fades wrinkles and expression lines in just one session. An amazing “youth elixir” that unveils renewed skin that is soft, smooth and wonderfully rejuvenated.

Diamond Brightening system
60 min €110

NATURA BISSÉ offers to the most innovative and demanding professional aesthetics a powerful and highly effective exfoliating treatment: G3P, a triple exfoliating system with Glycolic Acid (chemical, enzymatic and micro-mechanical exfoliation) that reveals an extraordinarily renewed and radiant skin. Its powerful formulation renews the skin, effectively removing dark spots on the skin surface. Thanks to carboxitherapy, one of the techniques of proven effectiveness in aesthetic medicine, it evens the skin tone and texture and provides maximum luminosity, combating the signs of skin aging through the application of CO2.


Skin Comfort
45 min €65

Need a quick boost ? This treatment contains an enzyme exfoliation, facial massage and detox and fine Tolerance Comfort Mask. Suitable for very sensitive / dry skin.

(Face, Neck And Décolleté)

75 mins €85

Experience 100% antioxidant power of highly concentrated Vitamin C Brightens and restores the texture of the skin . Moisturises whilst the soufflémask and sulption mask stimulates collagen production.

The Cure
60 mins €90

Need a detox and energy boost for the skin? This treatment includes a deep cleansing with Glyco Peel 3 and Enzyme Therapy. To conclude your dream away during a relaxing detox facial massage.

Age Defying
90 mins €130

During this treatment use is made of the Essential Shock line. This line supports premature aging and restores the hormonal balance due to isoflavones. The three Glyco Peel, a sculpting massage and Algue Micronized Powder Mask provide a firm , crisp , calm skin . Including epilation .


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